Nutritional Therapy

Today’s nutrition and diet can feel at times confusing and overwhelming. What is healthy and beneficial for our body and mind and what is not? There are a myriad of foods available to us. Food trends and our understanding and knowledge of nutrition keeps changing. Most of us do not grow our own food, but rely on the foods we buy in supermarkets and shops, nicely packaged. Nowadays many people order their foods online and have lost touch with knowing where they come from. Food has become an everyday commodity.

Nutritional therapy will teach you about nutritious, high quality food and the value of organic produce. It will assist you to establish a diet and lifestyle which will support your body to reach optimum health and vitality and to maintain it. If there are any imbalances, it will analyse the presenting symptoms, try to find their cause and correct them by making the right nutrition and lifestyle choices, sometimes by using cleansing techniques. The approach is holistic as it will look at health from a whole-person perspective and acknowledges each person as an individual.

Nutritional Therapy

During a consultation I will discuss with you your history of ailments and presenting symptoms, your family history, current diet and lifestyle and assess your stress levels. A personalised programme according to your body constitution will include suggestions for diet and lifestyle adaptations, gentle cleansing techniques and sometimes food supplements and herbs (Ayurveda).

You will get an understanding of how the body arrives at any imbalances, the underlying predispositions and stress factors. You will learn which foods and which lifestyle will improve your vitality and general sense of wellbeing empowering you to take responsibility for your own health.

Diploma: Nutritional Therapy | The School School of Health Stroud, 2020.
Registered member: SoN Society of Naturopaths since 2021.


Edith offers online consultations. Please contact her directly if you wish to book an appointment for a consultation.

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