Naturopathy is a natural health care system based on the principle that each body has an innate self-healing system. It is the task of the therapist to support the body’s vital energy and its self-healing processes in order to reach and maintain optimum health and wellbeing and to prevent diseases. There are a vast range of naturopathic therapies available. I offer Bach Flower Remedies, Ayurveda and nutritional therapy.


If there are any imbalances in the body, I will try to identify their cause rather than treating the presenting symptoms.

A consultation will include a full case study covering two generations to detect any pre-dispositions, inherited factors, nutrient deficiencies etc. By using a combination of western and eastern nutritional, as well as naturopathic approaches I am able to view your symptoms from different angles and therefore gain a deeper understanding of your condition.

The techniques that I apply will always be the most natural, least invasive and least toxic, aiming to support each person individually.


The therapy program offered to you will be specific to your body constitution, presenting symptoms and pre-dispositions. It will give you advice on diet and lifestyle as well as support on emotional and mental wellbeing. Sometimes the therapy plan includes gentle detoxification techniques. I will draw upon all my trainings within a consultation (Ayurveda, Bach Flower Remedies, Yoga, nutritional therapy).

For example for someone suffering from stress, the program could incorporate Vata reducing foods and herbs (Ayurveda), calming breathing techniques and yoga poses/sequences, suggestions for massages and Bach Flower Remedies to address the personality type.

I will teach my clients to understand their unique constitution including their strengths and weaknesses and thus the cause of their presenting symptoms, and what steps they need to take in order to restore vitality, thus empowering them to take care of their health and well-being and be their own healer.

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